We have two options 1 oz and 2 oz bags

Our Ceramic Scent Beads are made with 100% naturally eco-friendly ceramic. They are perfect for use in electric warmers, scent sachets or diffusion in cars or drawers, and for decorative use.  Each bag contains 1 oz or 2 oz ceramic beads.

The beads come in a 2.75" x 3.75" cotton muslin sachet bag and can be easily put in your car, drawers or wherever you would like some extra fresh scent!  You can also empty the scent beads straight from the bag, and into your empty wax warmer.  When the warmer heats up, the scent will fill your room.  

Your scent beads will come highly fragranced, but your order will come with an additional .05 oz of fragrance oil, so you can re-scent your ceramic beads when the fragrance begins to fade


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