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Our Botanical Fragrance Beads are made with 100% naturally eco-friendly ceramic. They are perfect for use in electric warmers, scent sachets or diffusion in cars or drawers, and for decorative use.  Each scent jar contains 1oz and comes with refillable fragrance oil

  • Place scent beads into your clean wax warmer
  • Place scent jar with beads (lid off) anywhere you want scented
  • Put scent beads into the sachet bag (included) and place in car/drawers

Your scent diffusing beads will come highly fragranced, but your order will come with an additional .20 oz of fragrance oil, so you can re-scent your ceramic beads when the fragrance begins to fade.  Simply place back into scent jar, drop oil in and shake until oil is absorbed, and ready to diffuse back into your home! 

We recommend using the same oil for the same scent beads.