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Our hand cleansing sprays are very unique.  We blend with 100% natural, sustainable, and Organic base made from 75% Premium Organic Sugarcane Alcohol and 25% Organic Wildcrafted Witch Hazel, infused with essential oil infused fragrance.  This special blend is housed in a 2oz plastic BPA FREE bottle with spray mist nozzle. 

Even with 75% alcohol, our hand cleaning sprays leave your hands feeling soothed and refreshed thanks to our special blend of Organic Wildcrafted Witch Hazel.  It will leave your hands feeling soft and smelling amazing.  Use our sprays additionally for surface cleaning.  Keep one in your bag for easy use, and spray down your area and hands for additional cleansing purposes.   Shake and spray!

Spray away from eyes/face. Keep out of reach from children/pets, open flame and  heat. Do not swallow. Can cause serious eye irritation.  Highly flammable, please do not leave in your car or direct sun. 

* Lavin + Joy Co does not make any claims against fighting infections or illness with any of our products.