Winter Fragrances

I'm so excited about our winter scents!  I will be honest, I was so excited for Fall.  When we began testing earlier this year, I had my heart set on the Fall season, not only because it's my favorite time of the year (hello Halloween), BUT I had envisioned having the best pumpkin scented candle in our line!

Fall is here, and no pumpkin candle!  I was so frustrated to be completely honest.  I had tested more pumpkin scents from multiple suppliers, than is humanly possibly, and nothing caught my nose.  I was so close to launching one, but the hot throw (which is the scent when the candle is lit) was not up to par for me, so I scrapped them. I defeatedly went into Fall without a PUMPKIN CANDLE!

I begrudgingly had to let go of having that candle for the season, and went straight into Winter!  With this being my first holiday season, and learning a TON, I am definitely going to be ready for next year by ... uh Spring, LOL!

With all that being said, I am so excited for our Winter Scents. I feel like there's something for everyone.  From the woodsy lovers, to the sweet lovers, to the fruity lovers.  A few of them are our own proprietary blend, which means there's not one exactly like it on the market!

A few people have asked what my favorites are.  Winter Wreath is AMAZING!  If you love Christmas tree scents, and a very earthy vibe this will be perfect for you!

I hope you love everything as much as I do!

xo Jen


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