Lavin Joy Co., was founded in 2020 by the Stevens family, in beautiful Southern California.  Candles have always been a staple in our home, and have always brought us a sense of warmth and happiness, regardless of what was happening around us.  We feel the fragrances you choose to have in your home, is a very personal experience, and can alter your mood and enhance your happiness. 
It was over 20 years ago, when we made our first candle as wedding favors for our 300 guests.  Candles always brought us happiness, and we wanted our wedding guests to be just as happy when they lit them.  This is the same feeling we have now for Lavin Joy, and our customers. 
We handcraft every product in our line, in our personal studio. We blend the scents, pour the candles, and continuously work on product development. We want to bring you a complete experience when choosing our end products.  We are thankful you trust our ingredients, and value our dedication for providing you with quality products that will bring you and your home happiness, comfort and full of joy.
With Love,
The Stevens Family - Troy, Jen, Landon & Gavin