Understanding fragrance scent notes in our products

Here at Lavin + Joy Co, we have a description of all of our scent notes to give you, the customer, the greatest detail prior to purchasing your product with us. Below is a description of what the scent notes mean. You will see all scent profiles on each fragrance for every product.

We use only the finest fragrance oils, which are infused with essential oils.  Our fragrances are the heart and soul of who we are!  We take extreme pride with making sure you are getting complex fragrances in your product, when you purchase from us. Our fragrance oils are paraben-free and phthalate-free.


Top notes is the first scent profile you will pick up on, and then it will quickly evaporate and leave the fragrance with the middle and base notes


Middle notes are also known as heart notes. They are the heart and soul of your fragrance, and tend to round out the overall scent and will linger into your base notes. 


Base notes are like middle notes in the fact that they are the main concept of the fragrance of your product.  For example, base notes may not be easily detected when you have a candle that is not lit (the cold throw), but once you light the candle, the base notes will emerge along with the middle notes.

Top, Middle and Base notes will be a helpful explanation when looking at our products, and choosing your scent!  If you have questions about any of our fragrances, and if I can help you choose, please email me!