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Perfume Spray Mist

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All our Perfume 10ml Mist Sprays come in a glass bottle with mist sprayer, easy to use when traveling.  Please don't leave in a hot car. 

Ingredients: Organic Ethanol Alcohol, Fragrance, Vitamin E

SILHOUETTE: A captivating symphony of sophistication and sweetness.  This fragrance is a refined gourmand masterpiece that caters to both the connoisseurs of spirits and lovers of all things sweet. Embark on a sensory journey as notes of cognac, cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla, praline, and oak wood weave together to create a symphony of opulence and allure.

TIMELESS: The essence of timeless beauty and modern charm. With citrus and florals, subtle spices, and grounding woods, the fragrance goes through a journey of sophistication.  Enjoy a juicy citrus and delicate allure of pink peonies, with pink pepper harmoniously balanced with subtle spices, grounding richness of creamy sandalwood that creates a captivating and refined scent.

BRAZILIAN BLISS:  The delightful aroma of pistachio and almond trees sway in the breeze, setting the tone for a blissful escape. The scent of toasted vanilla and salted caramel mingles, infusing each moment with the comforting sweetness.  A harmonious mix of heliotrope and jasmine notes adds a touch of floral elegance, evoking memories of fragrant blooms by the coastal winds. The base note of sandalwood grounds the experience, imbuing your senses with the warmth of sunlit sands. Note: This fragrance leans on the sweeter side.

MEADOW HAVEN: Jasmine and honey, accented by tulips, ozone, olibanum, and pink pepper, to transport you to sun-dappled meadows, where summer's embrace lingers in the air.

SUGARED PETALS: Enter a world of playful sweetness and comforting warmth. Let the notes of warm vanilla, musk, and cedarwood create an ambiance that soothes and uplifts.  Delicate rose petals, and fresh lemons add feelings of grace and elegance. 

OPULENCE: A tantalizing scent that invites you into a world of intrigue and allure.  The heart of the fragrance unfolds with the elegant embrace of black violet and rosé.   Blonde woods emerge to create a warm and comforting scent, while raspberry adds a touch of fruity sweetness. 

SUNDAZED:  A sunlit serenade of coastal bliss.  The heart of this fragrance is warmed by the presence of sunlit driftwood, its comforting aroma evoking memories of basking in the sun's glow on a sandy shore. With notes of ocean air, summer citrus, lily of the valley, driftwood, and nutmeg, its the magic of a warm day at the beach.

MYSTIC SHORES:  The scent begins with the invigorating embrace of ocean air, the essence of the unknown, the allure of distant horizons, and the profound wisdom of the elements.  With its oceanic allure, incense-laden dreams, cashmere wood's embrace, and labdanum's timeless wisdom, this fragrance is both depth and complex. 

AMALFI COAST:  Our ode to the Amalfi Coast, as the lingering scent of citrus fills the air, as you immerse yourself in the revitalizing embrace of this fresh, green lemon fragrance.  Crisp green leaves infused with the delicate essence of green tea, this fragrance unfurls like a gentle breeze.

CHATEAU:  Step into a world of refinement and elegance, a contemporary yet timeless fragrance.  Sun-soaked jasmine with spicy saffron, and Australian cedar, along with ambergris, leaves a hint of exotic allure in this symphony of scents. 

AFRICAN MOON: A heartfelt ode to the rich tapestry and the captivating allure of African landscapes, while embodying the spirit of a moonlit night, where the air is alive with the aromas of exotic blooms and the warm embrace of the earth.  The scent of African marigold blooms takes center stage, the brightness of bergamot adds a touch of zest. Cyclamen and Violet intertwine, evoking the delicate beauty of night-blooming flowers under the starlit moon, while Moroccan cedarwood adds a woody richness. Note: This fragrance leans more unisex

AFTER HOURS: Immerse yourself in the intoxicating blend of luscious, aged rum, sun-soaked leather and the deep richness of roasted plums.  Frothed vanilla adds a layer of warmth and comfort, while a sweet musk note wraps the fragrance in an embrace.  The deep richness anise dances in the air, lending a touch of exotic mystique to this masculine forward fragrance. Note: This fragrance leans more masculine/unisex

ALLURE:  Unfold a tranquil escape to a serene Mediterranean garden, as the delicate aroma of freshly brewed white tea and bergamot wafts through the air.  A subtle sweetness of rose-infused honey, and heart notes bloom with an exquisite bouquet of wild jasmine, fresh lavender, and juicy pear.


This fragrance opens like a dream, where the sweetness of cloudberry melds with the velvety touch of heliotrope.  Violet leaf-kissed top notes, the sultry heart of tobacco flower and ebony wood, and the alluring base of fresh smoked vanilla, this fragrance captures the essence of comfort and sophistication. Note: This particular scent is on the softer fragrance strength side.