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Wax Melts

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All of our 3 oz Wax Melts are made with coconut wax, and phthalate free and paraben free fragrance oil.  We are no longer using the black and white packaging in the photo. We are using clear plastic clamshells. 

HARMONYAt the heart of this tranquil blend lies the invigorating essence of freshly picked grapefruit, their sweetness balanced by a hint of tartness. The zest of oranges and the crisp aroma of freshly picked apples intertwine, creating a refreshing citrus medley that awakens the senses with its vibrant energy.  Find solace and serenity in the sweet floral notes that add an elegant touch to this beautiful fragrance. 

OPULENCE: A tantalizing scent that invites you into a world of intrigue and allure.  The heart of the fragrance unfolds with the elegant embrace of black violet and rosé.   Blonde woods emerge to create a warm and comforting scent, while raspberry adds a touch of fruity sweetness. 

SALTED AIR: A captivating fusion of sea fennel that transports you to serene coastal cliffs, while the invigorating essence of young peppermint revitalizes your surroundings.  A truly magical seaside escape.

OASIS: An invitation to escape to a realm of serenity and renewal. A carefully curated blend transports you to a place where time slows down.  The crisp and cool scent of cucumber awakens the senses, violet, rose, and jasmine mingle with the surrounding greenery.  The delicate aroma of white tea mingles with the herbaceous whispers of thyme and the subtle spice of coriander, capturing the essence of tranquility.

CITRUS LAVA: An homage to sunlit orchards and berry patches.  Bursting with citrus, in the heart of this fragrant voyage, is a vibrant blend of cara orange, white strawberry, and french raspberry. 

AMALFI COAST: Our ode to the Amalfi Coast, as the lingering scent of citrus fills the air, as you immerse yourself in the revitalizing embrace of this fresh, green lemon fragrance.  Crisp green leaves infused with the delicate essence of green tea, this fragrance unfurls like a gentle breeze.

AMBROSIA:  At the core of this captivating blend is the invigorating brightness of grapefruit, ginger and cardamom step in with a hint of spice and depth. Pink pepper and cinnamon create intricate spices of sophistication, as vetiver and cedar transport you to a world of refined celebration.

TAHITIAN SUNRISE: An embodiment of the breathtaking moments when the sun first kisses the horizon in the heart of Tahiti. The essence of a tropical dawn, as the sweet and succulent aroma of Papaya fills the air. The elegance of crème de cassis adds a touch of sophistication, like the soft hues of the awakening sky. White woods add depth and complexity of Tahiti's lush forests, while the crisp and slightly tart scent of rhubarb intertwines with the sugary sweetness of raspberry like dew kissed petals. 

ISLAND NECTAR: A sensory escape to a tropical haven.  The fragrance of warm coconut creme fills the air, as the invigorating blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava mirrors the vibrant flora of the islands.  The gentle musk base note accentuates embodies the gentle trade winds that carry the island's scents across the landscape. 

BROWN SUGAR BOBA: A journey into the realm of indulgent sweetness and comforting warmth.  Steeped black tea adds an aromatic layer, as brown sugar-soaked tapioca pearls infuse the air with a rich, caramelized sweetness.  The aromatic dance of brown sugar, raspberries, and warm cream create a harmonious symphony of comfort and luxury. 

AMA: The soft, floral notes of Bulgarian rose petals evoke the sensation of being surrounded by a field of blooming roses. With an added twist, a warm base of freshly sliced chili peppers emerges alongside juicy pomegranates.  This combo creates a multidimensional experience that tantalizes the senses.

SICILIAN LEMON CAKE: A gourmand masterpiece that captures the essence of a freshly baked lemon confection.  Zesty Sicilian lemon mixed with the scent of melted butter adds a rich, buttery undertone to the vanilla bean icing.  A symphony of flavors that is reminiscent of a slice of heaven on a plate.