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Harmony Hand Cleansing Sprays

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At the heart of this tranquil blend lies the invigorating essence of freshly picked grapefruit, their sweetness balanced by a hint of tartness. The zest of oranges and the crisp aroma of freshly picked apples intertwine, creating a refreshing citrus medley that awakens the senses with its vibrant energy.  Find solace and serenity in the sweet floral notes that add an elegant touch to this beautiful fragrance. 

Our Shake and Spray hand cleansing spray is very unique.  We blend with 100% natural, sustainable, and Organic base made from 75% Premium Organic Sugarcane Alcohol and 25% Organic Wildcrafted Witch Hazel, infused with essential oil infused fragrance. 

Even with 75% alcohol, our hand cleaning sprays leave your hands feeling soothed and refreshed thanks to our special blend of Organic Wildcrafted Witch Hazel.